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Tips to become Effective Managers

As businesses are going global and expanding like never before, the importance of managers is increasing day – by – day. Managers make sure that the staff is working towards a common goal and follow a set standard operational procedure (SOPs). Besides, managing routine operations, managers solve the bottlenecks in a business structure and ensure optimal efficiency. This clearly indicates that there is a lot of importance of effective managers in today’s competitive environment. It helps workplace retain a professional and productive environment.

Characteristics of an Effective Manager:

Managers bring a difference in your workplace. The best managers who influence their teams in the best way possess following characteristics:

  • Optimism: Managers have the tendency to drive positive outcomes. Even if something havoc happens within an organisation, great managers know how to rise above the current situation and reach heights.
  • Clear Communication: Effective managers bring clarity to their speech and explain every process and strategy in the most straightforward and lucid way that is easily understandable by each team member
  • Self – awareness: A manager has the great leadership skills and has the insight to see things differently. He/she identifies the opportunities to let the company thrive. They quickly recognise the areas for development and curate a plan to achieve them.
  • Reliability: Managers who gain respect in the eyes of their seniors are known for their reliability. Their loyalty towards the company is unshakable. Infact, they pass on this quality to their team members and motivate them to stay reliable towards the company and align their individual goals with the company goals.
  • Listening Skills: Effective managers listen to their staff and motivate them to discuss new insights, ideas and perspectives. This help push business further and thus help maintain harmony and motivation within staff.
  • Empathy: Empathy is the most valued trait of a person. Hence, a manager with empathetic attitude makes a great leader. They must be able to sense and understand the environment around them and motivate their colleagues to attain their objectives.

What Makes an Effective Manager?

Managers are not just about driving team’s outputs, but are also responsible to support them and motivate them whenever they are in any confusion or not able to find the right path to walk on. Here are a few traits that make an effective manager. Have a look:

  • Sets a good example: Employees always look at their leader and tend to be inspired from him/her. An effective manager clearly understands this fact and makes sure that he/she should set a good example, so that their team can also set high standards and be motivated.
  • Protects team members: An effective manager is not the one who just pats the back of his/her team members for their achievements, but also show the team that you’re willing to step in for them when things are not going in their favour.
  • Shows trust: Effective managers are always good delegators. They have faith in the efforts of their subordinates and motivate them to take independent decisions and seek guidance whenever needed.
  • Communicates well: Communication is an integral part of team management. An effective manager empowers team members through his/her motivational talks. He gives examples, so that the team members can get inspired. He selects words properly that leaves a positive impact on a team member.

Eight Habits of Effective Managers

Often managers are known because of their individual competencies. But, at the same time, they also know how to focus on managing oneself and leading others. Here are the seven habits of effective managers:

  • Being proactive: The first and foremost thing an effective manager does is to achieve extraordinary results by breaking through the barriers and strive to achieve something big and better.
  • Put priorities at first: Effective managers know very well how to schedule things. They eliminate energy and time-wasting tendencies by aligning tasks of the day, week and even months in priority.
  • Objective oriented: Effective managers don’t just start the things for the heck of doing, they see the clear objective behind and are aware about the expected results. They keep their eyes on the main objective and strive to achieve results accordingly.
  • Bring innovation to their work: Leaders who are driven with innovative thoughts and are open to new ideas are known as effective managers. Their creative thoughts help seek out better alternatives and improvise their decision – making skills.
  • Passionate: They show passion into everything that they take the charge of. Infact, they think of unlocking the total strength capability, and spirit of each individual.
  • Show boundless enthusiasm: Successful managers are never short of enthusiasm. They look forward to change and then good things routinely come their way.
  • Self-discipline: Effective managers push themselves forward, stay motivated, contribute to be persistent and follow through on your intentions and hard work. Self-discipline is the ability to push yourself forward and take action.
  • Celebrate your team success: An effective manager knows how to keep his team member super excited for the upcoming task and then celebrate success with them. A sincere thank you for job well done is a powerful motivator.

6 Tips to Become a More Effective Manager

A journey to become an effective manager might be smooth, but in order to becomes an extraordinary manager, one has to take things to the next level. It requires best guidance and coordination among colleagues to achieve results. So, brace yourself to learn 5 tips to become a more effective manager:

  • Refine your decision making: Managers need to make an in-depth analysis of a problem and then make comparisons between different options. Then, before it’s execution, they ensure that it is discussed with the team. Further, they make sure that the task is executed timely.
  • Set clear goals: Make sure that the goals are well defined and are tied to larger organizational outcomes. Once goal setting is done, it’s imperative to monitor progress and ensure projects are staying on track.
  • Delegates tasks efficiently: As a manager, it’s your job to assign tasks to members. In order to become a more effective manager, it is important to allocate the right work to the right person basis his/her expertise. One must empower team members to get things done and getting them done, so that they can come back to you and ask for help whenever required.
  • Boosts employee satisfaction: Effective managers must successfully engage and motivate their employees, ultimately boost employee satisfaction and impact productivity levels. To become a better effective manager and foster employee engagement, it is really important to let your voice to be heard.
  • Give and receive feedbacks: Effective managers give feedback to their team members, but if you want to become a superlative effective manager, it is important to receive feedback as well. Here, the point to be noted is that giving feedback doesn’t include simply telling ‘you did a good job’, but it must also specify the areas where you have excelled. In addition to giving feedbacks, you must be open to hearing opinions. It is important to listen to their ideas and ask them to elaborate where you acted as a good manager, and where you showed bad managerial behaviour?
  • Takes an active role in an employee’s development plans: Managers that want to achieve more excellence in their work should let their employees earn new responsibilities and help them develop skills through stretch assignments, lateral moves and new projects. They must look out the opportunities to contribute towards employees’ developmental plans.

Top 10 Qualities of an Effective Manager:

An excellent manager supports talents and brings out the best in the manager. An outstanding manager has the following qualities. Check them out:

  • Creativity: Creativity is a competence that leaves an everlasting impression on people. It captures peoples’ attention and lets you make more followers. An effective manager tries to add zest and appeal to the entire process of project execution.
  • Brings out structure in every work: When things are structured, achieving timelines doesn’t become a huge task. A stellar manager knows how to structure the plans and effectively work within certain parameters.
  • Dedication: A manager is dedicated to the success of the projects. She clears out the vision for the whole team and brings out co-operation among the team members. Even during odd situations, an effective manager comes up with the best solutions.
  • Intuition: People with insight understand what others are feeling and thinking. They’re able to respond perfectly to other’s feelings and thinking. Effective managers have a deep understanding about others’ aspirations, personalities and perceptions.
  • Knowledge: An effective manager has complete knowledge about his/her upcoming project. He/she understands the soul of it and helps team members understand it deeply.
  • Values humanity: Employees value leaders who have human values and respect. Effective managers connect with their employees and gain their loyalty on a long-term basis.
  • Focused: Discipline is the ability to live from your intention consistently. Effective managers are focused on their organisational objectives and are performance oriented. They develop deep interpersonal relationships with their employees and motivate them to pave the path for their achievements.
  • Versatile: Yes, effective managers are focused, but it doesn’t mean that they are not open to new ideas or resists changes whenever needed. Leaders are ready to bring a quick change in their plans when necessary and drive better results.
  • Emotionally Intelligent: There are times when we go through emotionally unstable times due to work pressure or family problems. An effective manager picks up the signs that an employee is pushing himself too far. During such situations, he must give an ear to listen to his problems, so that he/she may feel lighter.
  • Transparency: Employees don’t care much about how many degrees you have or how much experience you have. But, they expect you to be transparent with them and give them honest feedback regularly. Effective managers know that presenting a sugar-coated truth or hiding harsh realities won’t help much.

How you can be an effective manager with TAPMICEL PG courses?

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TAPMICEL PGCPM course helps you sharpen your managerial skills and boost your career opportunities. Broadly, this course helps you reap the following benefits:

  • Welcome new challenges: As TAPMICEL executive course learning is based upon experiential learning, hence it gives power to managers to embrace challenges and overcome them with a fighting spirit.
  • Boosts knowledge about the business world: PGCPM courses equip candidates with current business knowledge and provide them an edge to excel over their competitors. This helps them fetch higher position at higher package in the top – notch companies.
  • Gives a new direction to your career: The practical experience and skills that are gained while pursuing a graduate diploma course in MBA helps him/her take a career in a new direction.
  • Lets you apply learning to your job: Our curriculum and esteemed teachers let you focus on practical learning. So, this increases your chances to be hired by a reputed company for a reputed profile.

Becoming an effective manager is an endless journey. It doesn’t stop by gaining two or three qualities. An effective manager keeps learning and makes sure that innovation remains an integral part of his work. Also, effective managers don’t limit the scope of achievements by being self – centred. But they contribute their best to uplift the career of their team members and empower them to be the best they can.

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