Executive Management Program

Executive Management Program

With the changing dynamics of market and global expansion of businesses, a strong workforce becomes the backbone of organizations. Modern companies look for candidates who are skilled and hold profound knowledge in their area of specialization. Hence, Executive management program is great in demand in today’s time.

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  1. What is an Executive management program?
  2. MBA vs. Executive management program
  3. Types of Executive management program
  4. Admission, Eligibility, Jobs opportunities
  5. Executive management program offered by TAPMICEL
  6. FAQs

What is an Executive management program?

Executive management program is a post graduate – level business degree that provides a holistic business education across various subjects like – finance, marketing, accounting and many more. The course is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical training that helps students develop strong grasp on business management. The degree provides a lot of opportunities to working executives/administrators to make an impact and drive changes in the organizations.

MBA vs. Executive management program

The full time MBA programs are mainly preferred by the young professionals who want to learn about the business basics. Whereas, Executive management program focuses on the nuances of businesses and teach a current leader to become an effective manager driving better growth for companies.

S.No.Point of DifferenceExecutive management programMBA
1.ExperienceThe candidates who have experience of 4 to 10 years.The candidates who enroll themselves to the MBA programs are mostly freshers.
2. Course Duration       11 months       2 Years
3.Program FlexibilityThey are conducted on weekends, evenings or online basisMBA program is a full-time program. It runs on week long basis.
4. Program PaceStudents tend to engage in shorter intervals, so that their focus from regular work schedules doesn’t get waivered. MBA program has a lot of demanding schedules that discourages job involvement.
5.Financial pressureStudents can earn full time salary while studying.MBAs are self – funded programs and include just a small proportion of the sponsored students.
6. GMAT requirementGMAT scores are not requiredGMAT score is necessary to qualify for MBA program.
7.Lifestyle and Student interactionExecutive management program, includes lesser interaction with other students and emphasizes more on networking with the entire student cohort.Regular MBA offers an immersive experience where the candidate interacts with many students.


Types of Executive management program:

The program is bifurcated into the following basis:

  1. Full time programs: This category refers to the uninterrupted program that lasts for a week. The reason behind keeping it lengthy is that students can get in-depth information and details about every topic of the curriculum. This kind of program is held on – campus. It is recommended for those who have good IT skills, analytical skills and aptitude skills.
  2. Online Programs: The online executive programs attract managers who require a degree of MBA without disturbing their busy schedule of jobs. With online jobs, they have the flexibility to choose timings that match their availability. This kind of program is cheaper than on-campus program. The foremost benefit of this program is that students have wide options to choose their institute. They can look for the institutes overseas like – Bethel University and Washington State University which offer online MBA programs
  3. Weekend programs: The weekend Executive management program is a part – time business degree program that allows the class sessions to be held on the weekend – Saturdays and Sundays. The advantage of weekend program is that an individual doesn’t need to hamper his/her schedule of job. He/she can easily study in weekends either online or offline. What’s more! While continuing your job, you’re getting a precious degree in hand.
  4. Short Course Program: Short executive program is offered for less than 5 weeks. This program acquires specific insights and skills about businesses which they can immediately apply to their daily official work.

Benefits of Executive Management Program

Aligns You Better to Your Company Goals

Many companies offer executive management programs to their top-level employees. What could possibly be in it for them? Of course, your degree benefits the company as well. As a result, many companies require employees to work for them for a certain number of years if their MBA is sponsored. When the professionals return to work with all of their new skills, the company benefits from them. The return on investment, in this case, is frequently quite high.

Provides You with an Immersive Environment

Students in executive management programs must be active participants both on and off campus. They are expected to fully immerse themselves in the campus experience, participating in a variety of activities. Even in executive management programs that offer classes on weekends, students are frequently encouraged to apply their learnings in their professional lives at the same time.

Promotion Opportunities

Graduates of executive management programs not only increase their salaries and earning potential, but they are also more likely to advance their careers by taking on higher management positions or starting their own businesses. Many Executive management programs graduates use their degrees to change careers or seek new opportunities that lead to more lucrative positions.

Problem-Solving Attitude and Skill 

Problems arise in every business organisation, and they must be resolved in an effective and timely manner. More than decision-making authority, these issues require problem-solving attitudes and skills to be addressed. During executive management programs, you will come across case studies that discuss typical problems that an organisation faces in its various departments. Your executive management programs come with a specialisation of your choice, such as marketing, finance, or human resource management. You will gain an understanding of typical problems and how to solve them in your department based on the specialisation you have completed.


A part-time or online executive management programs can be completed in a few months. If you have the flexibility to attend classes on campus, you can save time and money by finishing your degree this way. On the other hand, if you prefer to complete tasks from anywhere in the world, an online course of study may be more convenient for your schedule. When deciding which programme is best for your needs and lifestyle, flexibility is essential!


Executive management program Admission, Eligibility, Jobs

Course levelPost – graduation
Program duration:11 months
Program Eligibility:Graduation from a recognized university and minimum 4 years of working experience
Admission processEntrance exam
Top Recruiting AreasBanks, Hotels, Online Shopping Portals, HR Firms
Banks, Hotels, Online Shopping Portals, HR FirmsTCS, HDFC Banks, Infosys, Amazon, Accenture, Max Life
Top job ProfilesMarketing and Sales Executive, Communications Manager, Brand Executive, Quality Control Manager, Finance Manager, HR Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst and Product Manager

TAPMI Executive Learning Program

TAPMI is a top-ranking business school which has a rich legacy of innovation and academy delivery. Its curriculum emphasizes on experiential learning through pedagogy like – case studies, simulation and fieldwork.

Executive Post Graduate Program offered by TAPMI

This program is an 11-month course which has been designed to reflect on the current challenges, opportunities and practices in the management that deliver integrated learning to the participants. The program enables the participants to fast – track their managerial career and achieve growth to the leadership positions.

  1. Graduation from recognized university with minimum 50% marks
  2. 4- 10 years of experience in reputed companies
Selection Process             Registration and Counseling, Personal Interview


Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Management

This program is an 11-month course which has been designed to reflect on the current management issues, opportunities, and practices and provides participants with integrated learning. TAPMI PGCPM will provide applicable multi-disciplinary and multisectoral management education. It’s ideal for junior & middle management executives with a minimum experience of 1-10 years of service.

  1. Graduates from recognised universities with
    minimum 50% marks
  2. Minimum 1 year of work experience
Selection Process                                                                            Interested candidates must apply online by paying the application fee of INR 1500. Based on the details submitted, a profile-based selection will be conducted. Selected candidates will be intimated via email.


Q1. What is the eligibility for Executive Management Program Admission?

Ans. The candidate must have minimum 50% marks in graduation and at least 4 years of professional experience.

Q2. Is it hard to get into executive management program?
Ans. Not so, but one needs to have good command on the speaking, presentation and analytical skills. Eligibility wise, a candidate must have a graduation degree and professional experience.

Q3. Is entrance exam necessary ?
Ans. No, entrance examination is not necessary for Executive management program. However, some of the institutes provide admissions to the candidates on the basis of GMAT and CAT score.

Q4. Is this program full-time or part-time?
Ans. At TAPMI, Executive learning program is part- time. The program is available as online and weekend programs.

Q5. Does this program hold the same importance as of full – time MBA?
Ans. Executive management program and full – time MBA are meant for different purposes. A full time MBA program focuses on providing deep insights into business functioning at the advanced level. Whereas, Executive management program holds importance for the professionals who are already in job and are willing to enhance their skills.

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