TAPMI Centre for Executive Learning

TAPMI Centre for Executive Learning creates new learning opportunities for working executives. The delivery rigor
is outstanding as it is synchronous, interactive and controlled.

TAPMI center for Executive Learning rides on HD video conferencing network and delivers high-quality video and
audio. The experience is seamless with a digital whiteboard, moderator control, dynamic participation, and chat

TCEL delivers a high-quality learning experience that is associated with a physical classroom.

It is an opportunity for the working executives to study a postgraduate program in management without taking a
break from their career.

Prof. Surya Mahadevan

Chairman – Corporate Engagement

The participants will be working and studying concurrently. Taking advantage of this context, in as many subjects
as possible, our faculty will embed projects and fieldwork in the curriculum and assessment.


Chairman – TCEL & EEP

The program will be delivered in a modular manner taking 2 subjects at a time. This will enable the working
executives to balance their work and learning. Capstone project change management and leadership course are
special elements in the program.

EPGPM Virtual Office

TAPMI Centre for Executive Learning

1,16-371E, Syndicate House, Northern Wing

Upendra nagar, Shivalli Manipal,

Udupi Karnataka Pin Code 576104

Phone: +91 820-2701122

Email : tapmivirtual@tapmi.edu.in