MBA for Working Professionals​

MBA for working professionals

Who doesn’t want to taste success in life? But as the intellectuals say good things don’t come easy, same goes for your career as well. In order to have strong professional career, one needs to put in a lot of efforts. You have to take out time to pursue higher courses that help build leadership skills and a professional network. We recommend MBA degree which helps improve quality as well as quantity of jobs. It provides practical and theoretical training to allow professionals understand the general functions of business management.

In today’s hyper competitive environment where the world is moving forward in technology and education, it is really important that individuals must attain an MBA degree.

Why is an MBA necessary for working professional?

An MBA program helps an individual develop leadership skills and sense of confidence in their marketability. Here are the advantages of pursuing an MBA for working professionals:

  1. Greater awareness about global market: The lecturers of MBA for working professional are extremely talented and experienced. They help professionals expand their knowledge about the changing scenarios of global market. The students also come in across with other students across the World with different perspectives which allow them to stay updated with the scope of opportunities available globally.
  2. Improved communication skills: Effective communication is the fundamental for every professional to succeed. It helps hone verbal as well as written communication which leaves a greater impact on the clients.
  3. Help build relationships: Executive MBA for working professionals allows you to be the part of global network for nearly 100,000 alumni. One also gets the chance to meet the experts of management and gain in-depth information about Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business and Retail.
  4. Better job opportunities: In today’s competitive market, an advanced degree can help groom an applicant’s personality apart from his peers. You will not be invited for the interviews of profile which are of middle level positions. Instead, you will be invited for the positions that are of top level and help take your career graph to the next level.
  5. Better time management: Getting an MBA is not a cake walk, especially when you’re working professional. An MBA doesn’t infuse only the seed of business management, but it also makes you disciplined and a great planner as you learn time management. This also helps develop a valuable life skill within you and a valuable employee for an employer.

How to strike a balance between an MBA course and job?

The life of a working professional is not easy. An individual has to simultaneously manage both job as well as studies. But, with some tips, an individual can sail through this journey easily. Have a look:

  1. Look for the online or weekend MBA program: There are various MBA programs that are specifically designed for working professionals. Online MBA or weekend MBA programs don’t let you disturb your working schedule. You can choose the timings of online MBA classes as per your availability like – early morning or late evening. In case, you aren’t comfortable with virtual classes. Then, you can attend physical MBA classes at weekend.
  2. Plan and follow a schedule: Working professionals should make a proper schedule considering their office timings, MBA classes and self – study program. While making the planner, you need to be honest with yourself and set realistic objectives and goals. The study time must be fixed and should be relentlessly followed.
  3. Learn to sacrifice: Be ready to sacrifice your leisure times. Executive MBA for working professionals demands a lot of hard work and reduced time spending on other things like – watching TV, catching up friends frequently, attending a volunteer work or going for a walk.
  4. Invest into modern gadgets: With so many applications and tech devices, you can perform multitasking that will help you manage both your jobs and schedule your work plan for the day. You can record the business courses and listen to them during commuting or walking. As far as office work is concerned, you can send and answer important e-mails or set a quick Skype meeting with a client.
  5. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate: Worry is the cause of suffering and loses your focus. Balancing two things in life requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The source of positivity cannot be searched outside. You need to connect yourself with the Supreme soul which helps you keep moving and win the battles of life.

What are different MBA programs available for working professionals?

Getting an MBA degree increases your chances of getting top position and higher salary in your dream company. You can choose area of specialization according to your choice as given below:

  1. Human Resource Management: An HR MBA for working professionals focuses on recruitment, selection, management and offers guidance for the people who work in our organization. It also offers training and knowledge towards the management of organization.
  2. Financial Management: MBA in Finance brings opportunities for individuals who are willing to try their luck in investment banking, international finance and corporate finance.
  3. Marketing Management: With Marketing MBA for working professionals, a person hones the skills of improving marketing strategies for businesses. He/she understands various factors that help you facilitate budgeting expectations and brand development plans.
  4. Operations Management: It is the administration of business practices that help create higher level of efficiency possible within an organization. This area of specialization in Executive MBA for working professionals develops supervising skills to watch production and manufacturing operations happening within a factory.

Enroll for an Executive course at TAPMI Centre For Executive Learning

TAPMI Centre for Executive Learning has a proven track record for bringing new opportunities for working executives. Here at TAPMI, the instructors are experienced and professional. They have rich research and academic experience that emphasizes on experiential learning through simulation, case studies and fieldwork.

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There are different Executive courses provided at TAPMI and for working professionals Executive Post-Graduate Program in Management (EPGPM) is the best Executive course. One can enhance their managerial career without taking a break from their job.

EPGPM is an 11-month Executive program. Its classes are held on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. All courses are taught by TAPMI faculty or Senior Alumni.


Q1- Can a working person do MBA?

Ans. Yes, he/she can choose either part-time or online MBA degree, which is specifically designed for working professionals.

Q2- Is it a good idea to pursue an MBA while working?

Ans- Yes, Pursuing an MBA is a great way to advance your career, increase your earning potential and become qualified for new and exciting opportunities.

Q3- What are the benefits of an MBA while working?

Ans- Job security and high salary are some of the most important benefits of doing MBA of you are working professional.

Q4- What is the fees of MBA for working professionals?

Ans. The fees depend upon the university and various other factors, the fees start from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs.

Q5- Is executive management program worth it?
Ans. Yes, executive management program allows you to gain advanced skills and expertise in the field of business operations.

Q6-. Which type of Executive course is best for working professionals?

Ans. Executive Post-Graduate Program in Management by TAPMI is the best course for working professionals.

Q7-. Can I do post-graduation while working?
Ans. Yes, with EPGPM by TAPMI once can pursue post-graduation program in management without taking a break from their career.

Q8. Is Executive course good for future?
Ans.  Yes, it is good option for future. Students who pursue Executive course can build better career and job opportunities.

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